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For lovers of Japanese music....and the alphabet.
Mod Post - Community Change? 
6th-Feb-2010 12:51 pm
Stock - Blue Daisies
Hey guys! :D It is time to begin the alphabet again but before I do have a question for you all. :)

You all know that alphabet icontests can get very repetitive and, trust me, I know that as well. :P

In another one of my alphabet icontests (japan_abc), we have changed the format a little bit. There, we have changed the icontest so that for each week we have two themes: the regular alphabet letter and then a second random theme.

I am thinking about putting that idea in place here. :) So, there would be a letter theme and then another theme not related to the alphabet at all.

An example would be:
Theme 1: Letter A.

Theme 2: Hats

I think this would be really helpful for those certain letters (Q, X, and Z mostly) where we do not get too many icons. It would also give some members who are not inspired by the challenge letter another option for creativity.

I am interested in members opinions on this! :) Do you like the idea? Hate it? Fill in the poll with whichever option you prefer and please feel free to leave a comment on this post or private message me here on LJ with your questions or comments. :)

Do you think jmusic_abc should have an extra theme each week?

Yes. I like the thought of having more options beyond just the letter each week.
No. I joined for the alphabet and that is what I would like to see here.
*shrug* I am fine with either option.

Kiki (goth_batafurai)
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